A Newly Stained Fence Will Update the Look of Your Property

If you have a wooden fence surrounding your yard that looks old, dull, and discolored, you can update the entire look of your property by staining that fence, so it appears brand new. A newly stained fence not only looks fabulous but comes with many advantages.

A Newly Stained Fence Will Update the Look of Your Property

When you stain a fence, the planks become better protected against the outside elements. The stain will help to repel the water when it rains, safeguarding your fence from mold and rot. The wood will have more protection against the harsh rays of the sun, keeping the color from fading too quickly. Weathered planks also splinter more readily so stain will help to protect your fence from this distressing problem.

Because your fence will remain exposed to the daily changes in weather, and wood will also naturally expand and contract, it’s going to be prone to warping as well. Using stain will assist with this issue by slowing the rate of distortion over time so you won’t need to replace boards as often.

Can you paint your fence instead? Yes, painting is another option, and the choice merely depends on your preferences. Remember, when you use paint, it will result in a flatter, less-textured look and needs to be appropriately sealed. Paint color also tends to cover up the grain of the wood. If you want a more natural appearing fence, you’ll want to choose stain to help enhance and maintain the look of the beautiful wood grain.

Because of the various types of stain available, you can select a color for your fence that will work well with the look of your house. The dramatic new appearance will give your whole property a fabulous face-lift that will increase the overall worth of your home.

For more information about getting your fence stained, please contact us today. Our team of specialists can give you a beautiful result that will last for years.